One Deadly Sin of CEOs and Leaders

For all the entertainment around Ron Burgundy as the fictional anchorman, it is hard to ignore his arrogance and zealously myopic attitude to his colleagues resemble the clumsiness of today’s chief executive officers and leaders.

The sin – repudiate changes by not learning them.

We have to be lifelong students, learning how to read between lines, look at trends on the ground and watch how your company behave. It is not just students by attending leadership courses or reading management books.

Because of egregious policy and standard operating procedures, you would have done a disservice to your company by depending on the traditional strategic planning cycle. As you attest to the norms – finalising corporate performance indicators in the mid-year that seems impervious to the ministrations of good practice will beget ugly consequences.

Too often, CEOs and leaders rely too much on the outside consultants to validate their plans. You spend thousands of dollars engaging them, outsourcing your thought processes and key corporate strategic planning exercise in the name of governance. It really needs to stop, especially if you are running on a tight budget.

Without prevarication, you employed experts – your employees and their opinions as good as what consultants would tell you. Your employees have become your own data analysts or data collectors. Use them. They might be telling you the reality.

Many CEOs and leaders still think what consultants tell you or certain reports or books are more reliable with unbiased findings. It is really not.

I have worked with many CEOs and leaders, observing their leadership styles and how they run the show. I personally think that they fight hard defending their traditional model of how things work and sometimes they hate people who upset status quo.

I am upsetting the status quo, though and it is fun.

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